Flexible Spending Accounts: Annual Maximum Limits

Annual Maximum Contribution Limits: Flexible Spending Accounts

The annual limit on voluntary employee salary reductions for contributions to a health flexible spending account and a dependent care account have been listed below by year.  The annual limit also applies to the limited purpose health FSA, which can be used for dental and vision expenses.

Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts: Annual Limits

Tax Year Contribution Limit Carryover Maximum*
2022 $2,850 $570
2021 $2,750 $550
2020 $2,750 $500

Dependent Care Accounts: Annual Limits

Tax Year Contribution Limit
2022 $5,000
2021 $5,000
2020 $5,000

*Carryover Maximum

Depending on plan design, some Health Care FSAs allow a carryover of unused funds. The carryover option is not available for Dependent Care plans. To learn more about your FSA and carryover options, review your Plan Highlights document. To request a copy of your Plan Highlights, email us at healthaccountservices@myMidAmerica.com or call us at (855) 329-0095.

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