Creating a Powerful Company Culture

Posted on January 7, 2020

Since 1995, MidAmerica has developed long-lasting relationships because of our dedication to service and a desire to help the people who make our community a better place. Putting people first has always been at the center of everything we do, and we’re constantly searching for more ways to connect with those we serve. MidAmerica strives to do the right thing for our participants and plan sponsors to create an excellent experience for them. As a result, we’ve maintained a 99% client retention rate for more than 17 years.

For MidAmerica, providing excellent customer service starts with having an excellent internal corporate culture. We sum up our approach by simply putting People First. We know that people who find genuine satisfaction in their jobs will go the extra mile to make a customer happy. It’s important to us that each MidAmerica team member feels valued, which is why we regularly deploy an employee satisfaction survey, have quarterly “town halls” known as Renewals, and meet to ensure voices are being heard and any concerns are brought to the surface. We communicate through our actions by focusing on things like communication, accountability, and empathy to reinforce the importance of our commitment to our most valued asset: our people who take care of our customers. By introducing the People First mindset to our own associates from the time they start their journey with MidAmerica, this attitude extends beyond our offices so we can do what is right for each individual participant, employer, and partner.

We also instill the importance of accountability. We give our employees the tools they need to succeed and empower them to act as they deem necessary. When people feel their leaders listen to and respond to their concerns, and that the entire workforce is a team pulling towards the same goals, they feel happier and more engaged at work. MidAmerica knows that our customers see the benefits of this because of our employees’ dedication to delivering excellent service and their overall attitude.

From the time an associate is onboarded, we make sure that they fully know and understand the “Why” behind MidAmerica. Our mission is to take care of those people who do so much to take care of our communities— like public school employees, law enforcement and firefighters, and municipal employees— by providing best-in-class administration for the benefit plans that allow them to live with security and to retire with peace of mind.

An employee learns what is expected of them beyond their role and how their everyday responsibilities impact the business as a whole. They are challenged and empowered to look beyond the mechanics of their everyday job so that they can make a difference in the business and understand what clients rely on our company to do. If an employee understands how their role impacts our Vision and Mission, we have a greater opportunity to create a culture of performance and success. That is why each employee sets quarterly goals that ultimately align with our organization’s overall mission. The alignment between personal goals makes a measurable difference in harnessing employee engagement to drive growth. When employees can see their role as not only the responsibilities within their job, but their purpose in serving the needs of fellow employees and ultimately customers, our organization becomes extraordinary. This approach drives a greater level of employee engagement which is reflected in our rising employee engagement score. We’ve also started to see the impact on client retention, long-lasting relationships, and MidAmerica ambassadors.

Culture is not something we put in a memo or dictate to the organization. It’s ultimately generated out of the mission and vision of our company and the actions we take that align with them. When we focus our people practices on serving our employees as they serve each other and our customers, our culture thrives.

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